Prevailing in any political climate.

How we win

As a whole, The Trailblazer Group’s principals all share one thing in common: corporate and political campaign experience. Why is this important – and why is it a key differentiator?

Because the successful development and implementation of a campaign plan is the difference between winning and losing.

Our principals are used to operating with a sense of urgency, in high pressure environments and sometimes with limited knowledge and resources. This “campaign mentality” is in every facet of The Trailblazer Group’s approach to clients’ issues. We place a high value on campaign planning, while targeting all possible resources to make execution of that plan a reality.


58th Presidential Inauguration

Ryan Price served as the Director of Public and Special Events for the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee managing a staff of over 110 and a budget of $45 million.  He planned and executed all official... Read More


Arizona Grassroots Action

Christian Ferry co-founded Arizona Grassroots Action, a super PAC that successfully supported the nomination and re-election of Senator John McCain.  Different than other super PACs, AZGA focused on building a grassroots army to support McCain’s... Read More


2016 Republican National Convention

Ryan Price was the Director of Caucus Operations at the 2016 Republican National Convention where he oversaw Republican nominee Donald J. Trump’s convention planning and execution, including live television programming, political whip operation and overall... Read More


2012 Republican National Convention

Ryan Price was the Director of Operations for the 2012 Republican National Convention where Mitt Romney secured his party’s nomination for president.  He managed an $11 million budget, and implemented plans for all activities at... Read More

Our experience

The ability to educate and advocate at multiple levels of government is more important than ever before. Stakeholders can no longer rely on a single relationship inside the Washington, DC beltway to achieve their public and government affairs objectives; they must be able to play both an inside and an outside game. At a time when more and more politics are local, the ability to not only reach politicians at home, but also understand what matters most to their constituencies, is critical.

Because our network is made up of veterans of political and issue based campaigns at the federal level and the 50 states, our relationship network is as deep as it is fresh.

This network has hundreds of years of collective experience and relationships at every level of federal, state, and local government. We combine policy experience at all levels of federal and state government and have worked on many of the major policy issues of the last ten years in Washington, D.C. and in numerous states. We believe that this extensive policy experience combined with our deep relationship network is the key reason why our existing and new clients continue to turn to us for all of their federal or state government affairs needs.

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