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What we do

The Trailblazer Group has local, state, national, and international campaign experience, an extensive national network, and is able to handle all client needs under one roof.  Our ability to integrate several public affairs functions streamlines decision-making, conserves resources, maximizes accountability, and allows for continuity of message.

We have worked in 7 countries and been a part of 7 US presidential campaigns, 8 Republican National Conventions and one US presidential inaugural.

The Trailblazer Group can provide an umbrella organization that has the same level of performance and the ability to leverage extensive relationships to expand and enhance our clients’ chances of success when putting together a national or multi-state effort.

  • Business Development
  • Coalition Building
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Initiative & Referendum Campaigns
  • Internet Communications
  • Issue Advocacy Campaign Mgmt
  • Campaign Management
  • Coalition & Trade Assoc. Mgmt
  • Corporate Grassroots Advocacy
  • Crisis Communications
  • Government Relations
  • International Consulting
  • Internet Mobilization
  • Public Relations
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Who we are

The Trailblazer Group provides a wide range of services to its clients, including: grassroots advocacy campaigns, domestic and international political consulting, initiative and referendum campaigns, Federal and State government affairs, crisis consulting, public relations, trade association and coalition management, internet communications and mobilization, and third party coalition building.

Relevant to the current dynamic

There is a shared responsibility for all clients. We assemble multi-member teams to attend to each government affairs client so that we have the ability to have multiple people with multiple backgrounds working on each project. Teamwork is key, and our various and deep experience levels combine for the highest chance of client success.

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